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ensure that everything we do here is to create no more victims for the state of iowa what parents need to know to keep their kids away from sexual offenders. offenders.and..."oh my god, oh my god, oh my god !""the work this corridor woman does for the community and the awesome reward she's getting tonight., the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. family's are getting ready for trick or treating...but there are rules in place to keep kids safe from those who might do them harm. 'll get to that story in a moment but first, rain is on it's way to the corridor. corridor.chief meterologist terry swails joins us now with more on what it means for
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we begin tonight with the knowledge that can keep everyone safe on order to maintain a safe environment, rules are in place for everyonce --
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including registered sex offenders. 2 news reporter dora miller is live in cedar rapids with the expectations, dora? karen, offenders do have to stay at their home during peak trick-or-treating hours or stay at a place approved by their agent...but there are other rules in place to keep the community -- and offenders -- safaf safefe little goblins, witches and fairies will be taking over neighborhood streets tomorrow night...and while fun is mandatory, safety is too. too."when i was a kid, we used to walk around all the time, grab a pillow sack and ran door to door as much as we could."it's the same idea for kids today, but while parents are keeping an eye on their kids, the court system is keeping an eye on another group. group. "we always want to ensure that everything we do here is to create no more victims for the state of iowa, so we're always looking at how do we better provide for our community."registered sex offenders have to stick to a specific set of rules.porch lights off...locked doors and check-ins.and even if they
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have kids, the rules don't change. change. "even with their chilen, they need to find alternative methods for them to go trick or treating." treating.""i have two little sisters so i definitely, makes me kind of uneasy."while the rules serve the public, they're also in place for those already in the system. "it's also for looking out for r clients' best interest, to make sure they're not putting themselves in high risk situations." situations.""i personally don't really think the kids should know about that, i think they should be protected and i wouldn't really want to tell my sisters, they wouldn't really enjoy themsmsves if they were constantly looking over their shoulders and constantly afraid." if the rules are broken, pepelties are on a case-by- case basis...depending on the case, it can range from fines to jail time.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller cbs 2 news ten at ten. a man who is suing the waterloo lice department, department,is now behind bars. jovan webb faces mumuiple charges after a shooting at the new world lounge this spring. spring.police say an officer approached webb when he
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allegedly tried to get away, hitting the sergeant several times with his car.two officers on the scene fired shots at webb, thinking the sergeant was being dragged by the car.a state investigation cleared all the officers of any wrongdoing. cbs 2 news is learning new details about a bus assault in johnston. johnston.61-year-old robert scarbrough is now charged with assault causing injury and child eeangerment.authorities say he hit a special needs student in the face and pushed him to the floor, when the boy didn't follow hiinstructions. the incident happened in frontnt of several students and was caught on camera.a johnston mohter who asked to remain anonymous, says she emailed the district and warned them about scarbrough's temr. 2.26 "i was disappointed bebeuse i had a complaint last week about the bus driver." 2.03 "our son and other kids have been complaining for quite some time." the school district says they
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replied to the concerns with an emaililnd phone call. scarbrough is now on adminisrative leave and remains in the polk county jail.the teen was not seriously hurt. cbs 2 news ten at ten continues s w with more of the corridoror top stories. stories.many johnson county business owners will make some big changes to their payroll this weekend.sunday, the county's minim wage is rising 95-cents. cents.some towns opted out, but for those who didn't, there are still concerns. 2 news reporter marissa scott talked to some of them in north liberty. karen, several cities have opted out of the minimum wage increase. iowa city has decided to go with it but north liberty is on the fence about if they will continue with it in the future. the business owners i spoke withth say y eyre afraid of the unknown and how the decision will affect business. it's a little scary--two dollars and 60 cents over the
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than. a year and half is a lot for a small businesskelly crawford owns rocky obrien's public house in north liberty. she oversees 22 employees. some are paid morthan the minimum wage where others like wawaers are e id less but get tips. we have to keep up with the jones and especially in north liberty we have to make sure we are staying competitive and offering a decent wage that the other restaurants are offering so we can co tongue to get quality employeescrawford says she doesnt plan to increase her prices but she is nervous what the future will look like after only being open for two years. labor is our biggest expense ...we are always monitoring our labor costs roger christianowner, university camerait's been very toughwere feeling the pressure of raising the minimum wage of the town in iowa city, roger christian owns university camera. he says he already pays his
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wagebut the problem is fighting to keep employees as well as pay the bills. you can't pay too much less than the minimum wage rate for the town or you won't find any employeesboth owners say thehe agree paying their hardworking employees more is important but making it a requirement to pay more, affects business in how they balance keeping employees and trying to compete with other businesses. ititalso important to note that both owners say they dont know exactly what theyll do to outweigh the higher minimum wage until its been in effect for at least a year. crawford says sheheay just have to cut hours.covering the corridor in johnson county, marissa scott, cbs 2 news ten at ten. the grand opening of the new dupopo cellulosic ethanol plant is helping with the shifting face of climate change. change.ethanol supporters say it begins with supporting renewable fuels.the plant is in nevada and will use harvest
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leleovers to change that into's numbers show seven hundred thousand corn leftover bales are harvested each year.they say each bale will produce 43-gallons of fuel. "we are now providing better economic benefits for our farmers, great jobs here for people that are involved in the processing industry, and wonderful benefits to the consumers" consumers" the plant will start full production next year. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in cedar rapids, a smoke alarm is credited with saving a family from a morning fire. crews were called to the home on meadow brook drive southeast around 8:30 this morning.investigators say it appears to have started in a first floor bedroom. authorities tell cbs 2 news this serves as a reminder to replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors during this weekend's daylight saving time. in university y heights,
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kids were able to get an early start at halloween celebrations tonight.the city had to move up trick or treating ahead of tomorrow's iowa football leaders tell cbs 2 news, the ve had to be made bebeuse of the heavy traffic expected around kinnick after tomorrow's the way, the game against maryland kicks off at 2:30. in marion, some kids got an early jump on the holiday,y,without having to worry about the weather.the city held a trick or treating event at city hall this afternoon.staff on both floors greeted kids with candy and other m mion ,there are no set hours for trick or treating tomorrow night, so residents planning to hand out treats can simply turn their porch light on. in cedar rapids, the hauntetegarage is getting ready totocare people all weekend long.this is the 10th year for the spooky attraction on stoney point road.if you missed opening night, it will be open from 6-30 to 10 sasarday and sunday night.
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admission is free.organizers will be taking canned food donations for the salvation army.the donations are not required to get in. in iowa city, you have the chance to get up close and personal with a replica of the heroes trophy. the prize is awarded to the winner of the iowa, nebraska game.this exact copy is making the rounds at area hy-vee can catch it tomorrow at the first avenue hy-vee in iowa city and the north dodge street location on sunday. today, cbs 2 news got to be part of sosothing really special. a local business gave away a car right here at broadcast park, to a woman who truly deserves it. last week, we told you about anderson automotive's "wheels to prosper" program - this is where the auto shop gives away a car to somebody who deserves it - and to get it, you have to be nominated by someone else. he says he got multiple nominanaons for r a cedar rapids woman named rita robinson. she
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community, she's active in her church, and even when she t knocked down by health problele and her car died, shsh didn't slow down that work. jim told her today, that's the kind of person they were looking for, and handed her the keys to her new car. this has been a wonderful experience and i just know that - i'm going to cry - and you know i'm on the wellington heights board, and everybody is just so up and arms about black and white and 'there's no good people in the world. everything's going to pot. nothing's good.' but there's good stuff happening every day. you just have to believe 15.24.14 jim started wheels to prosper in 2009. his program, has spread to 52 shops across the u-s and canada, that give away y cars to deserving peopop. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes.
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minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up... up...the new way the university of iowa is jumping into the political arena.
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trtrpin' out of state, to a scenic college town just a few
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next on c-b-s two news... news...more boots on the ground.why president obama says the u.s. *will be sending troops into syria.
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u-s troops u-s troops will soon be on the ground in syria. syria.less than 50 members of u-s special forces will deploy to northern parts of t t country to help coordinate the fight against isis.the soldiers are expected to assess the situation on the ground and determine whi group the u.s. can best partner with to fight isis. white house officials say the new orders are *not* a shift in policy. the congressional budget is waiting for president obama's signature.the senate passed the bill early this will fund the government fofo the next two years - and prevents the u.s. from defaulting on its debt.all of iowa's republican lawmakers voted against the deal. the university of iowa is getting into presidentiaia politics. the new hawkeye poll found that among democrats, voters preferred hillary clinton to bernie sanders by a margin of more than ten percent. on the republican side, doctor ben carson came out as the
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favorite with donald trump in second.but when asked who will win the nomination, most republicans say donald trump. but there's another story behind this survey.on sunday morning's 'iowa in focus,' host kevin barry goes behind the scene to see how this poll serves as an important lesson... lesson...for students at the university of iowa. iowa. these millennials are putting down their smart phones... make countless calls the old fashioned way -- trying to get 800 to a thsand people to answer around 70 questions about the presidential racacit's part o o professor fred boehmke's hawkeye poll class...teaching a bunch of political science students about the numbers side of the political world. world. i think they come ououof it very surprised at how much they enjoyed that side of it. learning the process and the mechanicsthe students do everything -- making the actual calls -- interacting with voters...'s so hands on and you're not just sitting there in a classroom learning
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cbs 2 news will have complete coverage of the week's political sure to watch iowa in focus with kevin barry sunday morning at 10:30, right re on cbs 2. let's kick it -- coming up on cbs 2 it was a historic night for the rampage -- but did c's pro soccer team leave the field with a win -- next in sports. sports."cbs 2 news connects with yououall us at 1-800-
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kgan.comconnect dear future, life is good. no, great. i'm like, a man. only better. but even though i know everything, i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with t squirrel. but life is sweet nono hey, what could go wrong? it's you and me all the way, future.
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history was made tonight in cedar rapids -- for the first time ever -- the cedar rapids rampage took the pitch for their home opener openerprofessional soccer at it's finest#-- rampage hosting the ambushhome team down 1 nil -- not for long -- alex megson -- with the strike -- and check out that celly -- game tied at 1then its cedar rapids' own -- jacob johnson -- passes it to himself -- and en rips one in -- feed him -- xx from futball to football -- the hawkeys return to kinnick saturday -- to face another tough test in the big 10 -- now maryland's record is 2 and 5 -- and the terps are winless in conference play -- but they have a playmaker undecenter under-centerperry hill isn't your typicall q-b ----e's a dual threat and his stats speak for themselves -- over 1 thousand comined yards and 9 total t-ds -- but the hawkeye
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defense -- has the solution to the -- perry hills -- problem. "where dual threats get you u in trouble is when people try to start doing to much. maybe try and start helping on a play over here when really that's not what you are suppose to be doing and the next thing you know the qb can pull it and he's out the gate. so it's really just knowing what you are doing, knowing your assignment, and makinin sure you are doing that." bond shymansky and his hawks looking for win number 1 in the big 10 -- iowa hosting marylandand the hawks came to play -- regan davis -- hammers home the kill -- and if you like that -- you'll love this --- jess janota --- ooh -- staight fire -- but maryland would get the win in 4 sets. totohe high school level -- 2-a regional semfinal -- west branch hosting highland the huskies strike first -- brian davis goes up and gets it for the spike but after that it was all bears ----tristan lou- nay-kis -- welcomes highland to her block partyand then later in the set -- bailey lou-kav-ski -- tries to hit the camera -- west branch
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advances to the regional finals ----- sets to none. -- they'll face durant on wednesday. in 1-a -- springville taking on burlington notre dame at clear creek amanaand the orioles were flying high in this one -- rylee menster -- brings the heat for the kill that was just the beginning for springville -- later in the set -- menster returns the favor -- the set to samantha johnson --- and the spike for the pointyou could say the oriole hitters were on t tget tonight -- this time it's megan wagamen -- springville wins in straight sets -- they'll play marquette catholic wednesday stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast
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thanks for watching your cbs 2 news at ten.we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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